We deliver high-quality, value-based, sustainable experiences across a broad range of travel categories.

Whether it’s a diverse itinerary taking in the highlights of a particular country, or something more specialised, such as trekking the Annapurna Circuit, cycling the length of Vietnam, or going on safari, we can put together the perfect trip for your brand that your customers will love. 
In every region, we offer immersive experiences created by our local experts on the ground that are exclusively available through Intrepid DMC.

Cultural Adventure

Cultural adventures look beyond the iconic sights to explore the historic, religious and cultural influences on the destination.

Our cultural adventures will take travellers under the skin of a place to find what really makes it tick. Every destination has its own unique story to tell. Often complicated, sometimes dark, but always enlightening, these stories will leave travellers with a greater understanding of the destination and their own place in the world.

Your travellers could walk the Killing Fields of Cambodia and see how a horrific past does not necessarily mean a dire future. They can immerse themselves in monastery life to discover the role of religion in the new and old, Myanmar. In Africa they can visit the last of the remaining kingdoms, Swaziland and Lesotho, to witness living history.

Homestays can also play a part in cultural understanding and your travellers will have opportunities to stay with local families or in small communities all around the world including Morocco, Russia, Vietnam, India or even Romania.

Our offices are staffed by locals, who know the culture and the history of the regions better than anyone. They will work with you to create the most appropriate cultural experiences for your brand.


Cycling has to be one of the most liberating styles of travel. There’s nothing between you and the world. No windows, no big bus, just two wheels, the wind and the road.

Our cycling itineraries are immersive experiences where travellers can experience the world with all their senses. Pedalling themselves from A to B in the company of an experienced guide, and quality bikes, they have the freedom to stop and chat to locals, take a quick diversion down a side road, and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment at the end of each day.

Our team can design a cycling tour for your customers that takes in the colourful bazaars and ancient ruins of the Middle East; that follows the footsteps of the great Tour through the French Alps; that heads off road and into the wild in Tanzania; or that takes in all the wine and gelato they can consume in Italy.

Cycling must be one of the ultimate sustainable travel methods, which is one of the reasons we love it so much. Your travellers will ride bikes that are serviced by expert mechanics and tour support vehicles throughout.

Walking & Trekking

With the ground firmly underfoot, your travellers don’t just admire the scenery on a walking tour, they experience it with every sense.

We can create a walking or trekking tour to suit your clients’ level of fitness and destination of interest. It could be taking a leisurely stroll through the rice-fields of Vietnam, wandering along Italy’s famed Cinque Terre coastline or something more strenuous such as trekking to Everest Base Camp, scaling peaks in Patagonia, or heading to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Whether you’re trekking in Africa, Europe, Asia, the Middle East or Latin America, our local teams will coordinate and operate all the logistics. They’ll design the itineraries and provide expert mountain guides, porters where necessary, as well as our own hiking and camping equipment.

Walking and trekking isn’t just a sustainable way of travelling, it can be a responsible way to care for the local communities. We care for our porters by ensuring they receive fair pay, are well clothed and have safe accommodation on the trail. In fact many of our guides began their career with us as porters and now take their skills and experience to create amazing experiences for our clients.

Food and drink

Our food and drink itineraries are tasty journeys for travellers who want to explore a destination one delicious meal at a time.

Food and drink showcase local cultures like nothing else. Whether your travellers are interested in a luxury escape or a budget getaway, we can create a food and drink focused itinerary that gives them tasty experiences – all delivered under your brand.

Your itineraries could include sampling vegan curries in Sri Lanka, learning to make noodles with a Soba Master in Japan, sampling Buddhist fare in Thailand or bottling their own wine in Spain.

There’s a visit to a cacao farm in Peru, the chance to grind spices in Morocco, cooking classes in Italy and street-food adventures in Vietnam.

Whether they want endless amounts of chai masala in Nepal or to sample raki, Turkey's national drink, our local teams will design the design and operate the ultimate food journey that is packed with delicious flavours, plenty of sightseeing and memories that will keep them coming back to your brand again and again.


There’s nothing like a vacation to help you feel well, and that’s the focus of our active, and more laid-back wellness itineraries.

With our range of wellness activities, your clients will be able to get a taste of the destination whilst indulging in some feel-good activities. They could cycle through rice paddies in Vietnam, hike through rainforests in Borneo, relax in hot springs in Iceland or even learn to surf in Sri Lanka.

We can also arrange yoga and meditation retreats in some of the world’s most peaceful destinations including India, Costa Rica, Thailand and Indonesia.

Sustainability goes hand-in-hand with wellness, and no matter where your travellers go in the world our itineraries are all designed to provide them with sustainable and responsible experiences.

All itineraries can be designed specifically for you and will be delivered under your brand. During their trip your clients will be well supported on the ground by our local teams, and backed by the security of our global business.


Get your travellers closer to nature on a wildlife adventure that seeks out the most magnificent animals and places on earth.

Our local teams can create and operate itineraries that focus on wildlife viewing in some of the most spectacular places on earth. Visit national parks and remote regions and go on wildlife safaris and marine journeys.

From spotting elephants on the Serengeti, to witnessing orang-utans in the wild, searching for tigers in the Indian jungle or hiking to meet a family of gorillas, there is a world of wildlife ready for your clients to experience.

Searching out wildlife doesn’t have to mean roughing it, although it can if you want to. From five star safari lodges, to basic jungle camps and everything in between, we can create wildlife-focused itineraries that suit just about every budget and comfort level.

Because of the nature of these trips, we emphasise sustainability and responsible travel practices wherever we go. We avoid experiences where wild animals have been tamed for tourist entertainment and we no longer allow elephant riding on our itineraries. We find our clients find this a positive brand experience for their travellers.

Community Experiences

Community experiences allow travellers to get under the skin of a destination as they experience local life first-hand.

Travelling beyond the usual tourist sights to experience authentic elements of local life creates a lasting bond between your travellers and the places they explore. For many it is these moments, not the iconic sights, that they cherish long after they have returned.

Cultural experiences can be as small as a dance performance in Buenos Aires, a weaving demonstration at Lake Titicaca, or a cooking class in Thailand’s food capital, Chiang Mai.

They can also be larger, more immersive events, such as home stays with the Chambok people of Cambodia, a hike to meet the Sapa tribes of Vietnam or an overnight stay with a local family in Zululand, South Africa.

Backed by our global business, our local offices design and operate sustainable, culturally-rich itineraries under your brand. And as locals, our people know the best community experiences to include. They’ll work closely with you to ensure the community activities create a brand experience that your clients will be talking about long after they return.

Special Interests

Because your brand is unique, and so your clients, we can tailor a completely unique itinerary to suit just about any interest.

From bird-watching, to battlefield explorations, we will work on each itinerary to find the experts and the experiences to suit your brand.

Your travellers could be guided by an expert travel photographer in the Serengeti, taking incredible wildlife photos. Or hone their photographic skills in the Rajasthani desert where the bright colours of Jaipur meet the dusty sunsets of Pushkar.

Alternatively they could trace the footsteps of the Vikings through Scandinavia or follow in the footsteps of the soldiers who built the Thai-Burma railway in WWII.

For artists there are trips to Van Gough’s southern France, Dali’s Spain or to the Moroccan bohemian retreat of Essaouira. For ancient history buffs there are the archaeological wonders of Egypt, Jordan and Turkey.

With local operating companies based in each region, we can find the best local experts for every special interest. All trips will be operated under your brand, and your clients will walk away with amazing memories of their trip with you.