East Africa

East Africa is perhaps the most wildlife-rich place on the planet. If your clients want to see the most incredible animals on earth, then look no further.

Imagine how your travellers will feel when, after days of carefully picking their way through thick Rwandan jungle, they stop, listen and see movement ahead. It’s a family of gorillas, playing in a clearing, a sight that only a small handful of people ever get to witness.


Or perhaps they’ve gone to Kenya to spot the Big Five. They hear a noise outside and, stepping out of their luxury tent, watch a herd of elephants and zebras wander down to a nearby waterhole for an evening drink.

In Uganda they experience first hand the efforts being made to save rhinos in the country’s greatest conservation project. And, in Tanzania, they head to the home of mankind, the Ngorongoro Crater or pull on their boots to hike up Mt Kilimanjaro on a supported trek. We are members of the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project which means you can be sure we treat our porters respectfully and ethically, ensuring they have fair pay and are well equipped for the journey.  

We provide access to all these remarkable experiences and other lesser-known gems, thanks to the in-depth knowledge of our on-the-ground teams. This means your clients will not only get a trip of a lifetime, but one that keeps them coming back to you time and time again.

We offer all types of programs – from FIT to large group arrangements; from entry level camping to luxury lodge circuits.

Our dedicated team includes tour leaders, drivers, mechanics and cooks, with expert local knowledge that can give your customers real insight into the region – all under the banner of your brand. We also have our own fleet of overland vehicles maintained by our staff, to ensure we meet the highest of safety standards.

Meet the Team

Samuel Karani

Samuel Karani

General Manager, East Africa
Zina Bencheikh

Zina Bencheikh

Managing Director EMEA

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