North America

North America offers a unique mix of small towns and big cities, with some of the most diverse natural landscapes that can be found anywhere in the world.

No other continent in the world has become as famously synonymous with Hollywood’s film legacy as North America. Here, natural beauty abounds at every corner and sweeping vista.  Add to this a blend of cultures from all around the globe, and you have fascinating and intriguing travel destination that never ceases to delight and surprise.

North America has also set the standard for the protection, and promotion, of its natural beauty with its developed series of National Parks, Monuments and other protected areas with over 300 protected areas across its vast land.

As a developed region, this are also presents a host of challenges to any adventure travel operator. Strict licensing and permit requirements, along with robust health and safety standards present a vast range of operating issues and this is where Intrepid DMC can help as we have our own DMC in North America. Please do not hesitate to enquire via our website or with one of our sales team members and we will be sure to point you in the right direction.