Northern Europe

There are amazing experiences around every corner of northern Europe. With castles, volcanos, beer cafes and fjords, there’s something for everyone.

Northern Europe may be one of the most visited regions in the world, but that doesn’t mean it’s all tourist crowds and queues for iconic sights. Our team on the ground know the area like no one else. They seek out alternatives to mainstream travel so your clients can experience genuine local delights, as well as the famous destinations.


The little volcanic island of Iceland punches above its weight in terms of sights per size. You clients will be able to cruise between icebergs, visit charming fishing villages or soak in a geothermal lagoon.  

In Ireland and the United Kingdom your travellers can spend their time exploring medieval castles, gazing out at dramatic landscapes such as the Cliffs of Moher or attending the Highland Games in Scotland.

The Baltic countries of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania are off the traditional tourist trails and offer up plenty of amazing, lesser-known sights. Travellers will be immersed in Baroque architecture, fairytale forests, and national histories that come to terrifying life as told by our local guides.

In Scandinavia your travellers will be treated to chic cities, vast arctic landscapes, dramatic fjords and stories that range from gnomes to Russians to Vikings. They will search for the dazzling Aurora Borealis in Norway, explore Sweden’s maritime history in Stockholm, or explore Helsinki’s bustling waterfront market.

With options to travel by boat, train, kayak, bicycle or private transport, our local team can create a style of itinerary to suit every budget and every level of comfort. Whether it’s a luxury adventure to the Arctic Circle, or a family friendly trip to explore Scandinavia’s many islands, we’ll operate an experience-rich itinerary that meets your brand requirements.

Meet The Team

Zina Bencheikh

Zina Bencheikh

Managing Director EMEA
Florencia Allo Moreno

Florencia Allo Moreno

General Manager, Western Europe

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