Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is the hidden Europe. Unknown to travellers for many years, they’re now discovering its many villages, mountains, beaches and cultural gems.

Just like its western counterpart, eastern Europe is jam-packed with quaint mountain villages, stunning castles and palaces, and cosmopolitan cities. It is also filled with lesser-known, but no less extraordinary sights that only the locals can find.

That’s one of the reasons our global business has offices on-the-ground, to tap into local knowledge and operate unique, branded itineraries that take in more than just the usual sights.


Places like miniature Moldova don’t appear on many itineraries, and a visit here is a real point of difference. Sandwiched between Romania and Ukraine, Moldova is fast becoming famous for is up-and-coming vineyards and a cosmopolitan culture that mixes modernity with touches of its Soviet history.

Further east, travellers can explore Ukraine’s Black Sea capital, Odessa and learn about the country’s uneasy history with Russia.

In Romania there is Bucharest’s Belle Epoch architecture to explore, or perhaps a cruise along the Danube River’s delta.

Also on the Danube are Slovakia and Hungary, countries hidden behind the Iron Curtain for many years and now enjoying a modern renaissance. In Budapest travellers will be awed by the city’s architectural wonders and can soak in one of its many Turkish baths. In Slovakia they can hike the Tatra Mountains, or discover the hidden artwork along Bratislava’s cobbled streets.

Then there are the better-known destinations of the region: Poland, the Czech Republic, and the Russian Federation. In Poland travellers can gain a deeper understanding of the tragedies of WWII, in Prague they can sip beer in a bohemian jazz bar, and in Russia they can see some of the biggest, and grandest sights of the east including St Peter’s candy topped Basilica in Moscow, the Hermitage in St Petersburg and the wooden houses of Siberia. Our team can also create experiences that won’t be found in any guide book, such as a tea party with a local Russian family, or a winter adventure along the Trans-Siberian railway.

Finally, there is Turkey where our local team can create a unique itinerary for your brand that dives in to the east-meets west culture of Istanbul and beyond. Your travellers can see the great sights such as the Blue Mosque and the Grand Bazaar or head south to explore the ruins of Ephesus, see the hot springs of Pamukkale and discover the underground cities and fairytale landscapes of Cappadocia.

Meet The Team

Zina Bencheikh

Zina Bencheikh

Managing Director EMEA
Sami Behar

Sami Behar

General Manager, Turkey
Kristijan Svajnzger

Kristijan Svajnzger

General Manager, Eastern Europe

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